• I do not have any open project staff positions at present. 

  • MS/PhD students interested in joining my group should first qualify the written test/interview conduced by our department, usually twice a year. Do not email me directly for MS/PhD vacancies. The choice of a guide can only be made after the common selection process of the department is complete.


  • JRF/SRF candidates having prior experience in computational research, preferably fluid mechanics background may send me your CV by email [please avoid lengthy emails].  Candidates from branches like Chemical Engg., Metallurgical and Materials Engg., Mechanical Engg., Aerospace Engg. are also welcome to approach me.


  • I will not be able to commit to any undergraduate internships until March 2021.  For summer of 2021, I will be able to respond only after there is some clarity and improvement in the COVID-19 situation.  You may send me your CV by email, but DO NOT expect any reply from me at present.


        Students approaching me for internship/project should have the following merits:

         # Good overall academic record
         # Good at Mathematical equations and number crunching.
         # Good grades in Fluid Mechanics and Transport Phenomena; keen interest in Physics
         # Strong written and oral English communication skills
         # Basic knowledge of MATLAB-like tools

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